Add artboard with JavaScript in Illustrator CS5.1

I’m trying to pull together set of scripts to help with android/ios graphic resources development. I can export artwork to PNG but results due to scaling are not satisfactory. This means that the scaling and adjusting graphic vectors needs to be done by the graphic designer. To help him in this I want to create a script that will produce set of artboards with given name and base dimensions.
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Error: transcoding parameter ‘symbol’ is not supported by ‘’


if you’ve run on the Error: transcoding parameter 'symbol' is not supported by '' error recently, then you’re not alone.

I’ve updated my FlashDevelop recently (and with FD updated the Flex SDK – the offender) and one of my projects suddenly stopped publishing, the error was pointing to the Embed tag.

		[Embed(source = "../../../../../gd_logo.swf", 
		mimeType = "application/octet-stream", 
		symbol="com.greladesign.library.logo.GrelaDesignLogo" )]

I was searching on the internet, but couldn’t find anything, however good soul on FD forum has gave me the answer which is:

Remove the mime-type.

		[Embed(source = "../../../../../gd_logo.swf", 
		symbol="com.greladesign.library.logo.GrelaDesignLogo" )]