Acer Aspire 7535, power on but not booting

I had for some time problem with my Acer Aspire 7535 laptop that it wasn’t turning on. The power light was on, the fan was working but nothing else. It was helping to turn off-turn off cycle and usually after 10-15mins it was starting to boot. Recently it “died” completely and as I needed laptop ASAP I’ve bought another one and putting faulty aside. After holiday my wife rushed me to do something with it “fix it or bin it”, so I’ve searched and nothing worked, then I’ve recalled that after successful boot the laptop had time/date not updated which gave me an idea to replace bios battery. I’ve looked at the acer laptop manual, I’ve found how to disassemble it and replaced flat battery. After doing this laptop started to work again:)

No beep, power-on indicator turns on and LCD is blank. – check bios battery 🙂



Download and Run SQLite Database Browser [LMG or any capable of opening SQLite database]
Open the main.db file with it [LMG from the following location]
C:\Users\SYSTEM USER\AppData\Roaming\Skype\SKYPE USER\main.db
Click Browse Data >> Change the drop down option for the Table: to VideoMessages.
Under vod_path column, you will see the link. [LMG the link will be available on the video message that was opened on current computer]
Copy / Paste this link to your browsers address bar.

Add artboard with JavaScript in Illustrator CS5.1

I’m trying to pull together set of scripts to help with android/ios graphic resources development. I can export artwork to PNG but results due to scaling are not satisfactory. This means that the scaling and adjusting graphic vectors needs to be done by the graphic designer. To help him in this I want to create a script that will produce set of artboards with given name and base dimensions.
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