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I am an actionscript programmer on daily basis, I am doing it for 10 years now and still doesn't have enough:) I also like to take pictures but it is so amateurish that I hardly ever show it to anyone:) I like to read, sci-fi mostly and fantasy (LOTR), and whenever I have time I am doing it, the problem is time:) I love music, but not just music but The Music, I have my preferences i.e. rock but if it is The Music then gender doesn't matter.

Mocking the CSS webpack imports using identity-obj-proxy

I’m sure at some point you have encountered the SyntaxError: Unexpected token . error when preparing tests with Jest, it pointed at the dot of the CSS class name.

({“Object.“:function(module,exports,require,__dirname,__filename,global,jest){.my-class {
SyntaxError: Unexpected token .

If you are familiar with it then probably you have resolved it and probably already are using the identity-obj-proxy dependency in your project. For those who are searching for a solution please read on.
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On this day in 1941 during the “Adolphus” operation for the first time to the occupied Poland the Special Operations Paratroops “Cichociemni” (the “Silent Unseen”) were dispatched. With them in this drop was the courier of the Delegatury Rządu na Kraj (Government Delegation for Poland) Mr Czesław Raczkowski. They’ve jumped over the Włoszczowa area.