Comparing Strings in JAVA


for last few weeks I am doing JAVA programming for Android, and as my background is mainly with ActionScript I wasn’t aware of JAVA nuances with String comparison, I thought that the equality operator will work i.e. a == “a”, but it isn’t. The String class (java.lang.String) offers comparison methods for that, the ones that I like are: equalsIgnoreCase and equals as they in result returns boolean value.

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AIR for Android with FlashDevelop


I have been playing with AIR for Android lately but I could do it only from Flash CS5, recently I have found that my embedded fonts wasn’t displayed in the android application, after further investigation it was Flash CS5 problem and latest Flex SDK:

<name>Flex 4.1</name>

I have reverted to the earlier version of SDK:

<name>Flex 4.0</name>

and it worked but not when Flash CS5 was used. So because I couldn’t use Flash CS5 and have fonts embedded I have searched for solution to use FD to build air for android applications.

I have found this and that and using that knowledge I have compiled AIR for Android project for FlashDevelop that works perfectly for me, it builds APK file and uploads it to the connected device (not emulator – which is slow anyway) and runs it. I have used Project image (PNG) from fazermokeurs version project.

UPDATE: well I know why fonts were not embedded, it was due to the new way of embedding fonts (As CFF “Compact Font Format”) used by default for the Flash Text Engine, you may find info here and here.

The AIR for Android

cause of silence

I haven’t updated my blog for a while but I had a reason:) It’s name is HTC desire:) with Android 2.2 and FlashPlayer 10.1 and Adobe AIR:)